Neha Nitnavare

UI/UX Designer  I  Architect  I  Interior Designer

Architect, UI/UX Designer & a Mom!

With a successful career in the field of Architecture & Design for more than a decade, bridging the divide between design & functionality is my main focus. I specialize in providing viable design solutions for the user as well as the investor. My curiosity & obsession for creativity has led me to explore UI/UX design along with a full time career as a Design Architect. Amidst 2020’s challenges was the necessity of reflection, which led me to explore how I might reimagine my career. The extra time I had in 2020 made me hone my Design skills by taking loads of online classes via Career Foundry, Coursera & Youtube. Having said that, my taste for learning more cannot be quenched. I’ve still a lot to learn and I’m having fun doing it.

Originally an Indian, I have been living & working as a full time Architect in Dubai for over a decade while freelancing as a UI/UX/Visual designer for past one year. I currently work in Marketplace Transformation division as an Assistant Project Manager for a major retail group in GCC region.

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